“If I Had to Start Over…”

11 Online Millionaires Reveal What They
Would Do NOW if They Had to Go from
Zero to $1 Million All Over Again

The “Nitrous Challenge” rules:

No List

No Products

No Fame or Connections

No Marketing Budget

ALL You Have is Your Knowledge!

From: Matt Lloyd
Perth, Australia

I have to admit I was pretty angry when I started writing this letter.

During one of my coaching calls, a student said, “Matt, you don’t understand where I’m coming from. You have all this money to market with… all these friends to mail out your offers… it’s not the same for someone like me with nothing.”

I thought this was pretty funny considering only 2 years before I was pretty much in the same boat as this person.

But it got me thinking… How many of these online marketing gurus do understand what it’s like to be new and starting from nothing?

As I looked at some of the great teachers in the internet marketing space, I realized my student had somewhat of a point…

See, the problem with most online marketing courses and teachers is that they don’t have the perspective of what it’s like to be a raw rookie without the capital, connections, and budget that the gurus do.

If you follow some of the greats like Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, and Jeff Walker, they can make a million dollars in a single weekend from announcing a new product launch on their list.

But what if they lost their list?

They could hit up all their high-powered friends to mail for them and make a lot of quick cash.

But what if they had no friends or contacts?

They could use their insane amount of past cash revenues to buy big traffic to sell products.

But what if they had $0 in their bank account?

Well… that changes the game quite a bit, doesn’t it?

I first rounded up thirty-seven of the most respected online marketing gurus I know and asked them this question…

How Would You Get Rich Now
if You Had to Start From Scratch?

This question actually terrified several people I asked.

It’s a scary thought to think “What if I lost everything?”

A couple gurus even privately confided to me “I’m not sure I could do it again, to be honest. I caught a lucky break.”

I thanked those gurus for their honesty and moved on.

And after sifting through a ton of millionaire “pretenders,” people who couldn’t answer the question, and people that didn’t care if their students achieved success…

I ended up with…

11 of the Most Respected Online
Entrepreneurs on the Planet

This is the A-Team of internet marketing teachers because not only are these guys some of the best in their field… but they have a core understanding of what works for the beginner.

They know what it’s like to be absolutely broke… with no list… and no friends in the industry who will give them the time of day.

These are people like:

Jonathan Budd… who made $12 Million before Age 30… and constantly coaches new entrepreneurs to rapid success.

Lisa Sasevich… who makes $4 Million annually from home with only a single employee and … (ugh) doesn’t even pay for traffic, as much as I hate to admit it.

Max Aria… who has made $1 Million every year since age 24… without a list, website, or anything but a cell phone and computer!

All of these entrepreneurs can reduce what they’re doing for the little guy because they’re not depending on having huge assets to create money. You can scale what they’re doing down to your level and know exactly how to thrive.

And I made each confirm privately with proof that they are online multi-millionaires so no “feel-good” coaches with no real results could come through the cracks.

For one weekend only these eleven superstars got together and shared all their secrets of what they would do if they were in your shoes and had to start from square one.

Luckily… we recorded the event in perfect, high definition video so you could benefit from this at home.

Just like you would use a nitrous oxide injection to get a car from zero to 80 mph in seconds (illegal in some countries)… this program gives you the Nitrous Boost you need to get to your multi-million dollar goals as past as humanly possible.

Introducing “Add the Nitrous” Program:
11 Paths You Can Take Right Now to
Reach $1 Million per Year in Sales

Everything that our original audience would have to pay up to $4997 for, you get to watch at your own convenience in perfect HD videos, so you can pause, rewind, and take notes on how you plan to take your path to wealth.

You get taught first by me…

Matt Lloyd

10 Steps to Making Your First Million Dollars on the Internet
  • The three tools you need even hope to crack six-figures in your business (If Matt lacks even ONE of these, nothing gets done.)
  • The shocking realization that multi-million dollar brands are disorganized as all hell! (Knowing this frees you to build your business without a map and score big)
  • The hiddenX-Factor that is in 100% of self-made millionaires (And how to tell if you have it.)
  • Your two biggest obstacles to make with money (Both start with “P”)
  • My unstoppable formula to making $84,000 a month so a million-dollar year is inevitable.
  • How I spent a lot of my early business days watching movies until 5am and still profiting.
  • Why you need far fewer customers than you think to create a six or seven-figure business (At 41:30, I share with you the keys to this.)
  • How to choose a niche with million-dollar potential so getting rich is a simple, straightforward process. (And the sub-niche in the health market that is just aching to be exploited)
  • 3 ways to model the richest in any niche and applying it to your own business so you succeed ten times as fast.
  • How good your products really need to be (possibly the misunderstood part of marketing.)
  • A sneaky trick I stole from the direct mail industry to figure out what the market is hungriest for and how to get paid right away for discovering it.
  • The quickest way to get a critical mass of devoted customers whobeg you for more products to buy.
  • How to outsmart the competition so people who were 99% likely to buy from your competitors jump to your customer list instead!
  • The never-revealed story of how a random idea from Mike Filsaime made me $520,000 in a few months.
  • How to sell products before they’re created so you can start earning cash TODAY instead of waiting until writing that ebook.
  • My trick for non-stop upsells so your $47 ebook buyer turns into a $2,487 package owner in seconds.
  • How to take any product sold by a huge industry leader and make an even BETTERversion of it by asking the “million dollar question.”
  • My quick 5-step process topicking and creating a front end offer that lands you eager customers to buy affiliate products, high-end offers, and anything else that will pad your bank account with cash.
  • 6 ways to offer service that surpasses your biggest competitors and makes you the go-to guy for your niche.
  • How to create simple profitable sales funnels with all free or nearly-free tools so you can have a sales page up in under an hour!
  • The Ultimate USP Factory: You do NOTneed a totally unique angle to outsell all your competitors… You only need my quick process 63 minutes into this video to dominate your market.
  • Why 95% of your competition is wasting money on PPC – And how you can use this to your advantage to outsell everyone in your niche.
  • My Top 4 Traffic Sources… (And PPC is a distant #5!) Use these to most cheaply and effectively get real customers into your funnel.
  • Why I hate SEO and suggest you never bother with it if you don’t have to. (This one will piss some of the big gurus off but I want you to know the truth)
  • How to outsell 95% of better marketers by using this one little secret. You can be completely mediocre and pull this off if you follow what I say.
  • By far the easiest and quickest way to create products (and the only way I’ve been doing it the past 4 years)… You can have a full $299 priced course created in 7 days time if you follow my lead on this.
  • Why eBooks are possibly the worst front-end product for newbie marketers (And it’s NOT why you think.)
  • How to create high-end coaching programs where you get paid thousands per month without even having a product out.
  • The dark secret IM gurus never want you to know: How much money do you really keep from making $1 Million in sales? (You’ll never look at a launch the same way again)
  • The S-word that will decide whether you’re an exhausted businessman or a relaxed wealthy entrepreneur. (Master this and your business is always bringing you more money with each day)
  • Secrets of recruiting insanely loyal affiliate to promote you even when you’re a nobody. (This gets you the quick cash without costs of advertising)
  • My secret roadmap to making an extra $120k per year with barely any work.

Jonathan Budd

The Truth About Making Your First Million Online

Jonathan Budd has the glory of creating the fastest 8-figure business in this field ever! If that doesn’t get your attention, I don’t know what will. He is a big reason my business exists in the first place and I suggest you watch his portion again and again to hammer into your head what it takes to make it in internet business.

You’ll learn…

  • The dark truth about making your first million online that no guru in his right mind would reveal to you!
  • The process to getting $17 million in a few short years using Jonathan’s “stumbling in the dark” method.
  • The shocking explanation of why marketing information is uselessfor you unless you’re doing ______ at the same time. (7 minutes in)
  • How to master “intent” to create your ideal world around you. (This is a skill and it’s how multi-millionaires can seem to walk a “golden path” and be lucky all the time)
  • Jonathan’s soul-crushing journey from MLM to internet marketing and why your path won’t be half as hard if you do what he says.
  • The unspoken motto of every young multi-millionaire and how to apply it to your life so you attract prosperity.
  • How to take action even if you have no idea what you’re supposed to do next.
  • The stunning revelation that even a good marketing product will make you less money if you’re in this one category of entrepreneurs.
  • How to follow signs and wonders from the Universe to know the quickest way to cash (you won’t want to miss this part 31 minutes into the presentation)
  • The key to becoming the guy on marketing forums that everyone wants to help out, send clients, and buy products from.
  • The trick to taking $5 day and making $100,000 or more six months later.
  • How to know if you’re qualified to create a product. (You might not be, but not for why you think…Find out 55 minutes in)
  • How to manifest moneyright when you need it for your business.
  • The secret to keeping your momentum going so each small win turns into a bigger win… landing you more cash than ever.
  • What Jonathan learned spending 2 years living in his parents house (This was humiliating for him at the time, but helped make him the multi-millionaire he is today)
  • The one traffic source he would use if he had to start completely from scratch again (This completely flies in the face of what other gurus will tell you)
  • How to get 1000 people on your list very quickly and have a blast doing it
  • Your six-month plan that will get you more money – and having more fun – than you’ve ever dreamed.
  • How to get your list completely on your side so they shiver at your every word and dream of paying to get to know you better…
  • The ONE thing your list wants more than anything else… and is willing to pay you thousands and thousands if you give it to them (And it’s not content, entertainment, or even your products!)
  • How to make a dollar per month for every subscriber on your list (This is how gurus make tons of money with their big lists… it’s a simple formula here.)
  • The single most powerful way to accomplish your business goals and have a raving crowd dying to support you (101 minutes in…)

Jim Bunch

Mastering the Game of Life

Jim Bunch is a personal development leader but he didn’t build his following by hitting the seminar circuit or creating products. He created a six figure coaching business from scratch in 90 days(!) and that is why he is perfect to help anyone who is new to online business and who wants to thrive right away.

He’ll show you…

  • Why you can never make a long-term change unless your environments change (Luckily you won’t need to move to make this work)
  • How to figure out your current wealth mindset so you can change it and automatically attract wealth into your life.
  • The missing key that keeps us from taking action even when we desperately want our goals.
  • How to turn your business into a “fun game” where you love going to work and accomplishing your wealth-building objectives.
  • The key to breaking free from using willpower (which doesn’t work) and instead use your subconscious mindto effortlessly direct you to success.
  • How to use your brain’s filters to only let in valuable opportunities and keep out the negative sludge that slows so many people down.
  • The Three Wealth Killers(two of them rhyme) and how to rid them from your life forever so you make more money this year than you had the last five years put together!
  • Why “talent” is completely overrated and how you can condition yourself to succeed at everything you do regardless of skill level.
  • How to take control of your thoughts so you can keep yourself productive, happy, and fulfilled as you reach your million-dollar goals.

Lisa Sasevich

5 Simple Secrets to 6-Figure Telesminars

Lisa may be a $4 million a year “wonder woman” now but she started off with just a telephone and the gift of gab. Just by holding teleseminars (not even webinars!) she was able to build a six-figure business and then get intoInc. 500 in one of their most competitive years ever. Her specialty is the Invisible Close method, which lets you sell high-ticket items without sounding salesy.

She’ll share with you…

  • The Ultimate Lead-Gathering SystemRevealed – You can use this same system to get prospects in your funnel eager to buy from you.
  • How to share the stage with huge celebrities like Bill Cosby even if no one knows who you are!
  • The strategy for making sales on teleseminars and webinars that works even without a list or mailing partner.
  • even if almost no one shows up!
  • How to use the Invisible Close so you make multi-thousand dollar sales without looking “salesy” or being “high-pressure”
  • How to get people lining up around the block for your sales presentations by making it more like a party than a pitch!
  • The exact script of what to say to get people coming to your presentations.
  • Why you may be actually helping your competition with your advertising if you don’t follow what Lisa says in this section.
  • How Lisa went from $75,000 a year to $2.2 Million annually in only 10 months. (Her meteoric rise to fame will shock you when you realize she still works from home with only a single employee!)
  • How to find the audience most likely to buy from you and then get your sales materials directly in front of them.
  • The secret to tripling your sales AFTER someone has seen your webinar or presentation. (The follow up is key… don’t let the money slip through your fingers!)
  • How to use teleseminars to create products on the fly and get paid for it at the same time.
  • The real benefit your audience wants from you (Most entrepreneurs spend only 10% time talking about this when it’s 90% of what your prospect needs)
  • How one of Lisa’s clients used sold $75,000 worth of coaching in one week using this method.
  • All of this broken down in a step-by-step system so you can apply this immediately.
  • How to create credibility so everyone who hears your presentation believes you’re the real deal right away.
  • Why you can do this even if you’re over $100,000 in debt.
  • The key to tweaking up a prospect’s pain so they feel the only relief is to buy from you.
  • A simple structure you can use in your webinar so the entire time, the prospect is hoping you will sell something!
  • Why testimonials are not enough these days and the 4 components of social proofyou need to establish you as someone they trust.
  • A slick way to move your teleseminar visitors from the phone to your sales page without it feeling like they’re making a purchase.
  • Why you don’t need creativity to make this work and why being “clever” or “imaginative” can ruin your chances of success.
  • How to make your offer refund-proof (EXTREMELY important if your offer is $2,000 or more).

Daegan Smith

How to Sprout a 6-Figure Online Money Tree in 90 Days

Daegan Smith was one of my own mentors and instrumental in me reaching financial freedom as quick as I did. As the creator of Maximum Leverage, he has been around for a while now controls more traffic than just about anyone in his industry.

He’ll show you:

  • The best passive online income strategies… so you can set up a system and go live your life while profits come in
  • The one thing that separates normal hard-workers from millionaires and how to get it now so you can step ahead of the line and go straight to success.
  • The belief change that got Daegan from selling $97 products to charging $1,000 and above while adding very little work to his day.
  • How to create $7,500 coaching programs on the spot even if you’re relatively unknown.
  • The real reason why most businesses fail (25 minutes in)… Knowing this can save you from losing your business when the economy is sinking.
  • One quick shift that took a client of his from $38,000 annually to easily pulling $150,000 a year.
  • Daegan’sMagical Money Equationthat lets you cash checks on demand with a few simple traffic techniques
  • The key to making solo ads that pull in high-income customers that can’t wait to buy everything you have (and then click all your affiliate links too)
  • The difference between how an amateur creates ads and how a multi-millionaire writes banners that yank in thousands of dollars each and every day.
  • How to never be dependent on Google so no matter what that big, bad search engine does, your business will still thrive and pay for the lifestyle you want.
  • PPC Secrets that only the top marketers use (and keep from their students even at their most high-end seminars)
  • The quickest route to making $4,000 from your list in one day.
  • What you need to know before scaling from 5 figures…to 6 figures… and then 7 figures…
  • How to harness massive traffic and nearly guarantee it turns into a huge financial payoff within seven days…
  • How to become the most important person in your niche that other gurus do crazy favors for just to have your attention.

Mark Hoverson

Million Dollar Breakthrough: Radical Requirements

Mark Hoverson is a legend for starting his online business in such a hard place… far lower than where you are today. He was broke… applying for welfare… and using a $250 computer because that’s all he had. Fast-forward to today and he regularly runs $4.5 million dollar launches for his 8-Figure business.

You’ll learn…

The real sacrifices you need to make if you want to become a millionaire in two years (Can you keep Cable TV? Alcohol? A social life? Find out 10 minutes in…)

  • How to keep yourself free from ever having to work a job again (People who don’t know this end back in the working world very quickly)
  • Mark’s secret to channeling your emotional energy completely into wealth-building so you don’t waste time with worry, anger, or fear like the rest of the world.
  • How to get people to value your content as priceless so paying a huge fee seems like the best deal in town
  • Mark’s discovery that 10%+ of ongoing royalties is the key to financial freedom and how you can start this for yourself without a product!
  • How to know if you’re being coached by a true master or just an amateur (You will see the difference instantly once you hear this).
  • The one part of your business that is actually more important than supporting your family (This will be very controversial but it has to be said…)
  • How to get your spouse on board with your business, even if you have to make some sacrifices for a little while…
  • The keys to manipulating your environment so every moment… from the time you wake up to the time you sleep… is perfect for your millionaire path and mindset…
  • Why having an “accountability partner” is a loser habit! Mark explodes this myth and tells you what you should be doing instead.
  • The only two ways you can surround yourself with millionaires that give you great support, ideas connections, and camaraderie.
  • Why your anger can absolutely ruin your chances to become a millionaire, and how to make yourself almost impossible to frustrate.

Rhonda Swan

Creating an Unstoppable Brand and Dominating YouTube

For those of you who want to travel to exotic places like Fiji and Brazil while making millions of dollars, Rhonda is the best role model you could ask for. She’s mastered starting from nothing to creating an enormous business using free video marketing.

  • How to stand out as a unique, recognizable brand, even if you feel completely ordinary and uninteresting.
  • Why Facebook Fan Pages are a joke and only scratch the surface of building a brand that magnetically makes people want to spend money with our.
  • What to do if your product feels generic (or if you’re in MLM where there are a million distributors “just like you.”)
  • How to attract customers who share your values and that you love getting to know throughout their business.
  • 3 simple ways to make customers feel they know you already so giving their credit card to you is easy and worry-free.
  • How to use keywords on YouTube to get new customers practically for free.
  • The 5 Step Process to Building a Brand that makes prospects desperately want to be a part of your “customer family.”
  • How to make your hobbies a huge part of what attracts customers to you (Anything can work: surfing, travel, motorcycle riding, chess, etc)
  • Afraid of being on video? Find out why that stage-fright is what is going to make you tons of money over the next 18 months!
  • Why YouTube is the most valuable, underused, and under-priced (free) advertising method and how to build your list with it right away.
  • How to get over the “I feel like a moron” phase of video-taping yourself and look like pro in no time at all.

Craig Simpson

Direct Mail: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

Craig Simpson now makes over $200 million per year for clients but it wasn’t always this way. He got started while living in Oregon with no assets to his name. This is how you can start from scratch without the big budget or lists.

  • 5 Steps to a Successful Direct Mail Campaign that you can repeat over and over again with tons of different products to build your business.
  • How to find the perfect product that customers are dying to order through direct mail.
  • How wearing a hat can make you more money (Seriously… you won’t believe this until you see it).
  • 3 easy ways to research whom to mail to so you’re practically guaranteed to have a successful campaign.
  • The one secret to making a fortune with direct mail that almost everyone in the business misses.
  • Craig’s method for getting customers to buy again and again and again so costs go way down while profit skyrockets.
  • 3 stupid simple ways to send a direct mail campaign that will make you wonder why you ever thought it could be hard!
  • How to treat customers so they never want to part with you (And it’s not just “be nice”)
  • The sneaky method of figuring out your prospect’s habits so you can simulate you’re already friends with them when they read your sales messages. (This makes them so much more eager to buy!)
  • 6 things you must know about your ideal customer before purchasing a list (Miss even one of these and you’re basically burning your money!)

Max Aria

Using Phone for High-Ticket Conversions

Max Aria is one of my “secret weapons” for closing high-end deals for my coaching programs. Starting off as just a 19-year old diamond ring salesman, he scaled this into making $10,000 a week and making $1 million a year for 4 years straight. He’ll teach you:

Secrets from the diamond ring industry you can use to get clients paying $10,000 or more for anything (How much is a diamond ring really worth anyway? Only what we say it is)

  • How to build a million dollar business with nothing but a phone and internet connection
  • The 3 Questions that…when answered… reveal to you the surest path to a thriving business that lets you travel and live anywhere you want.
  • How Max can make millions without having a list – (This flies in the face of almost everything else we teach so make sure you follow his exact instructions 9 minutes in…)
  • Creating a marketing funnel that always works no matter how technology changes.
  • 2 sales techniques Max learned from the philosopher Socrates to close 5-figure deals day in and day out.
  • You won’t want to miss this… How Max made $56,000 profit in 30 days his 5th month in business (This is 16 and a half minutes in…)
  • How Max became the go-to guy for gurus to sell their high ticket items and could negotiate a huge commission rate.
  • The best “backdoor method” ever to closing deals on the phone while sounding like a good friend giving advice.
  • The “Conversational Approach” to sales where it never feels like a sales call.
  • How to develop a rock solid confidence where you never worry about rejection or getting a “no” (This makes potential clients see you as someone they have to do business with).
  • Exact word-for-word phrases to make sure you’re doing everything exactly right to get the sale. (Seriously, you can’t screw this up if you just stick to the script.)
  • How to get prospects confiding in you (This helps them backwards-rationalize they trust you and that leads to them giving you wads of cash when you ask for the sale.)
  • How to get a prospect sweating and squirming at the thought of what would happen if he didn’t buy your product or coaching service.
  • The secret to making your offer feel so scarce, your prospect asks for your permission to sign up before you even try to make the close.

Vince Reed

Ultimate Cash Flow System

Vince Reed is the creator of multi-million dollar company NetDivvy and brings his football-field intensity into marketing.

He’ll show you…

  • The 4 things you need to make sure your business makes 7 figures in a few years (You most likely have one or two of them right now…)
  • The #1 reason 95% people fail in business and how easy it is to make sure this never happens to you.
  • The realistic way to go from making five figures… to six figures… to seven figures… (You use this process even if your business makes a measly $200 a year!)
  • How to create a high-end sales funnel out of thin air that makes your customers pay you thousands of dollars the first day they meet you!
  • How to create “undercover bonuses” that make it nearly impossible for an interested reader not to buy.
  • The secret to webinar-style sales presentations that make a prospect feel like he’ll never succeed unless he has your system.
  • 10 workshop examples mapped out so you know Vince’s exact process for closing deals.
  • How to create offers that cost you practically nothing but get prospects throwing money at you hand-over-fist!
  • Vince’s savage closingmethod of giving your customers the “impossible choice” of either buying your product or slaving away for the rest of their lives!

Greg Gomez

Simple Phone Strategies to Double Lead Conversion

Greg Gomez is my other “secret weapon” and closes millions of dollars in sales with his telemarketing power. Armed with just a phone, he’ll teach you…

  • Exactly what your prospect needs to hear to start buying.
  • The secret to permanently getting over Fear of Rejection (the top hold-up in sales) so you can quickly become a sales-rockstar making hundreds or thousands on each sale.
  • How to gently nudge your prospect to tell you everything you need to say to get him to pay for your program today.
  • A sneaky way to get your prospect vividly imagining how bad his life will be without your product so he feels compelled to take action right now.
  • How to find a guru willing to give you $500-2,000 for every sale you close so you can start making six figures almost overnight.
  • At 43:30, Greg shares his own contact info so you can get recommendations to improve your business and cash flow.
  • The Magic Phrase at minute 57 that you can use every sales call that will guarantee you that you have your prospect’s full undivided attention for your entire call (which gives you the best chance of getting a credit card number or check mailed.)
  • The 9 Stepsof Closing High-End Sales Calls…. Just follow this procedure and you cannot fail.
  • What objection handling really means and why you shouldn’t be scared of it (as long as you know Greg’s answers!)
  • What to do if your prospect is terrified of signing up with you because she is low on cash and afraid of going into debt.
  • How much money you can expect to make from this process if you even have 5 calls a week (It’s most likely more than your last job paycheck)
  • Secrets of closing sale after sale… landing you more cash every time you pick up the phone.
  • How to make asking for the payment so easy and natural that you barely need to bring it up and your prospect is ready to give you money.
  • How to get your prospect saying “Yes” to so many questions that he can’t help but give an enthusiastic “Yes! Let’s get started!” when you ask for the deal.

Alright, This is Amazing!
Do I Have to Pay $4,997?

It’s not easy to put an event like “Add the Nitrous” up, and that’s why we charged up to $4997 for live tickets.

Getting 11 online millionaires of this caliber in the same room is next to impossible, but we managed to do it… and shelled out a lot of cash putting this course together.

We should be charging $4997for this because unlike the seminar attendees, you have something even better.

You get to watch these videos again and again… absorbing more and more each time as you become a master of your business and keep raising your profits.

To be fair to the attendees who traveled from all over the world, I really should charge more.

But instead, I’m going to cut you a break.

I know $4,997 is probably less than you can comfortably spend right now, and I have some compassion for that.

After all, this seminar was all about creating a million dollar business from scratcheven if you don’t have a lot of funds available.

Because of this, I am going to get a little ridiculous and knock 80% off the price!

If you go ahead and purchase a membership to Add the Nitroustoday…

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You are Absolutely Guaranteed to
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There’s a lot of material to go through in Add the Nitrousso I am going to give you a full 60 days to go through the entire course.

If you go through all 11 Speakers and aren’t absolutely blown away by them and how you can apply this to your business… then send an email and I’ll refund 100% of your investment.

If you go through Add the Nitrous and think it sounds like “good theory” but don’t feel like it will at least double your income… then email us for a full refund.

And if you are just lazy and don’t have time to go through the course in 60 days… then email us for a refund anyway.

Truth be told, if you can’t be bothered to invest your time in something like this, then you’re not someone I want as a student anyway.

The people I teach I consider my friends and millionaires-in-training. If that’s not you then no hard feelings.

So if you’re ready to rocket your business to the top…

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  • I can’t wait to get on the fast track to wealth and I am so glad I can get this before the price goes up.

P.S. – I do have second thoughts about the $997 discountedprice and will be doubling the cost depending on how fast these “fly off the shelf.”

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